March 13

You DON’T Want To Lose Fat (And Here’s Your REAL Motivation…) 



Did she just say that? 

Sorry, but I don’t believe you for a second! 

I absolutely DO want to lose fat!!!” 


Okay, okay, I’ll admit the title of this post is a BOLD statement. 

Especially if you’re currently struggling to lose weight, or your only goal right now is to drop a few pounds and tone up. 

But, before you bite my head off, let me state my case. 

Who knows, you might even find yourself agreeing with me by the end of it… 

…at least, that’s my hope 🙂 


Alright, here’s why you don’t want to chase fat loss: 


Imagine you’re going for a weekend away… 

(Sure, you can’t do that in real life right now, but we can still imagine, right?) 


You’re planning on taking a trip to London and the first thing you need to do is hop on the train. 

So you grab the train, you arrive in London, and you’re excited about all the fun activities you’re about to do… 

…take a ride on the London Eye, visit Platform 9¾, go shopping at Harrod’s… 

Whatever tickles your fancy really! 


As you can see, your weekend away ‘formula’ looks like this: 


Take transport  Arrive at destination  Enjoy fun activities! 


That’s how people typically go about planning and enjoying a trip or holiday. Doesn’t matter if it’s to London for High Tea, New York for bagels, or Barbados to sip Piña Coladas by the pool. 


Now imagine you planned your vacation with this formula instead: 


Take transport  Arrive at destination 


I can picture this now… 

You:“I want to go to London!” 

Loudspeaker on Train:“You’ve arrived in London.” 

You:“Amazing! I wanted to go to London, so I think I’ll just sit on this train!” 


No activities. No sightseeing. No food and drink. No nothing. 

That wouldn’t be much fun now, would it? 

I mean, I’m nerdy for trains n all, but even I think that’s an odd way to holiday. 


The thing is, the above example is exactly how most people approach fat loss… 

I want to lose weight! they declare, and proceed to drop a few pounds. 

But what they don’t realise is that… 


Fat loss only has value as a goal because of what it allows you to do. 


Going back to our holiday example: 

You dont really care about going to London. You care about the experiences that being in London will bring. 


Fat loss is the train and London is your goal weight (AKA “That Perfect Number”) … 

There is no value to fat loss unless it takes you somewhere and allows you to do something differently. 

Like how there’s no value to the train unless it takes you to a new destination… 


And there’s no value in a new destination, unless it grants you access to new experiences. 


Trains, planes, and fat loss are vehicles to your destination, not THE destination. 

Otherwise, we’d all be happy to sit on the train instead of getting off and exploring our destination. 


So, instead of stopping at “I want fat loss because it’s important to me” 

The question you should really be asking is this: 


WHY is fat loss important to you? 


What will you DO with it? 


In asking yourself that question, you begin moving away from fat loss being the “thing” you want, and start digging towards your truemotivationwhich becomes your rock when navigating your journey to better health. 


To get to your deepest motivation you have to keep asking yourself WHY. 


Here’s an example: 

Let’s pretend you and I are sharing a cuppa, you’ve just told me that you want to lose a few stone, and I’m being extra curious… 


Me: Why do you want to lose fat? 

You: To be a better parent. 


Me: Okay, but how will fat loss make you a better parent? 

You: Oh ya know, I’ll finally be able to run around with my kids in the park! 


Me: Why is running around with your kids important to you? 

You: Well, obviously I want to be involved in their lives. 


Me: And why do you want to be involved in their lives? 

You: Bloody hell! I feel like I’m being questioned for murder! I want to be involved because I know that one day my kids won’t be kids anymore and they’ll be off living their own lives. 

NOW you have arrived at your true motivation for wanting to lose fat. Which in this case happens to be the ability to engage, fully, in precious moments that will one day pass. 

^THAT^ is what you really want. 


Fat loss is never as simple as “I want to lose weight.” 

And if you need a helping hand to dig deep into your true motivation and use fat loss as a tool to live the life you desire… 

>>> Click here to book your free Body Matters Breakthrough session. 


The BM team has helped TONS of clients just like you navigate the murky waters of weight loss, so you can arrive at your destination without taking endless detours or getting lost. 


Oh, one more thing before we go… 

Did I convince you that you DON’T want fat loss?? 

Why not click that link above and let us know! 


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