Say Goodbye to Life-Throttling Crash Diets, and Discover How to Feel Confident, Content, and In Control of Your Health

Do you want to drop unwanted pounds? Regain the all-day energy you had in your younger years? Eat in a healthy, enjoyable way that you can sustain for your whole life?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

While many nutrition coaches and diet programs out there promise quick-fixes and “magic pill” solutions, you and I both know those are rubbish.

Losing stubborn pounds and having your doctor sign off on a clean bill of health takes time, commitment, and hard work (at least in the beginning).

But the good news is you only need to do one thing to guarantee your success:

Which is practice.

Seriously, that’s it.

And you don’t even need to be perfect every day.

You’re allowed to have bad days and make mistakes. We all do, and we won’t shame or belittle you for experiencing slip-ups along the way.

Because, again, we all make mistakes, and sometimes life happens.

I’ll promise you this:

If you commit to practicing the habits and skills your Body Matters coach shows you, you will overcome the obstacles, challenges, and stumbling blocks that have been standing in your way.

Using a unique combination of cutting-edge behaviour change and (sane) nutritional science, our coaches will guide and support you through the process of making small, simple changes to your lifestyle that lead to big, long-lasting changes for your health and body.

As a result, you’ll be leaping out of bed with the energy of a kid on Christmas morning, and able to enjoy all your favourite activities without achy joints, muscle pain, or fatigue.

Introducing: The Body Breakthrough Service

Our Body Breakthrough Service is based on helping you eat, move, and thrive in every aspect of your life. Over the course of your weekly coaching sessions, you and your coach will dive deep, uncovering the obstacles preventing you from achieving the body, health, and lifestyle of your dreams.

Our Body Breakthrough Service Will Help You:

  • Untangle messy nutrition issues and discover realistic, sustainable solutions (so you can enjoy a dinner without feeling like you’ve eaten too much or too little, been “good” or “bad”, while discovering how to untie your self-worth from what and how much you ate)
  • Build self-confidence and resilience (so you can identify potential problems and obstacles before they occur, create a rock-solid plan of action, and make great choices that keep you on track, even in the most difficult and tempting social situations)
  • Achieve meaningful, sustainable health, weight, and habit change (which amounts to granting you a new lease on life, and sending you into your later years with a renewed sense of vitality, confidence, and control)
  • Set you up for success—for life! (with the arsenal of skills you’ll develop, you’ll be able to step off the wacky roller coaster of constantly dieting, over exercising, then overeating)

Sound good?

Let us help you take control of your relationship with food - instead of your food controlling you.

Join the Body Matters movement—using compassion-led nutrition coaching as means for evolving into your healthiest, happiest, and best self.

Book your free Body Matters Breakthrough Session below to begin your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a session last?

Most sessions can range anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

How are the coaching sessions delivered?

Sessions can be delivered in-person (COVID regulations pending), over the phone, or via video calls—so you have the flexibility to choose whatever option works best for you and your busy schedule)

When can I expect to see results?

This is a tricky one to answer because everyone is different. Generally, you can expect to see changes around the 12 week mark, but keep in mind that you’re here because you want sustainable, long-lasting results. Quick fixes be damned!

Do I need to buy certain supplements?

No. Supplements are “supplementary” to a healthy lifestyle and while some are beneficial, they are by no means necessary.

Will I need to cut out junk food or alcohol?

You won’t have to cut out your favourite treats, snacks, or indulgences (unless you choose to!). Rather, your coach will help you learn to mindfully enjoy eating and drinking these snacks, so they become treasured moments in your day, rather than a numbing agent for stress and sorrow.

Will I have to exercise?

You don’t HAVE to exercise. Our program focuses on the nutritional side of coaching (which is 80% of the battle) and can guarantee you’ll see results even if you never step foot in a gym. That being said, there are many benefits to regular exercise and we’ll never discourage you from training.

Do you provide meal plans?

Meal plans can be restrictive and time-consuming. We’d rather teach you HOW to eat in a way that fits your lifestyle. But we recognise how helpful the structure and guidance of a meal plan can be, for some people. For this reason, you and your coach will agree on the level of structure you need initially, whilst supporting you with the tools to create your own way of eating in the long term.

Will BM Coaching work for me?

Like I said above, if you commit to practicing the skills and habits you choose with your coach, the Body Breakthrough Service will work for you.

Treat Your Body How It Deserves To Be Treated—Because Your Body Matters

Book your free Body Matters Breakthrough Session below to begin your journey.