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How to Combat Unruly Cravings WITHOUT Bogus “Craving Cures…”  …or Squirming Fruitlessly Under An Endless Waterfall of Temptations


“I’m utterly overwhelmed with cravings… 


I try to fight them off with a couple of clementines 


Maybe a babybel or a Muller light 


But all I want to do is sit there and eat and eat and eat!! 


Sometimes, I even think about the future and ask myself, ‘Will fighting these cravings always be this hard?’ 


Honestly, that thought alone is pretty demoralising.” 


Sound familiar? 


Believe me, I totally get it. 


You’re dealing with temptations around every corner… 


Whether it’s the platter of doughnuts in the staff room, the chocolate bar you hid in the freezer or drooling as you drive past McDonald’s on the way home from work while biting your lip, attempting to ignore the siren call of a juicy Big Mac. 


These food-laden urges are exhausting. And they’re hard to avoid.  


Lemme explain: 


Massive food corporations hire thousands of scientists whose entire job is to make their food irresistible to you. 


They want your brain to associate the smell or taste of their products with “HOLY $%^*&!! I MUST HAVE IT”. 


In other words, they want you to be addicted. 


On top of that, never in the history of humankind has food been so convenient and abundant. 


There’s no more “feast or famine” cycle and you don’t have to hunt and forage for food like our ancestors had to. 


But those instincts to eat as much as possible in order to offset the times when food was scarce never truly went away. 


Your “caveman instincts” scream in your ear to stuff yourself silly… 


Which are difficult to ignore. 


So what the heck are you supposed to do when everything around you fans the flames on your cravings?? 


Well, there are a few things you need to do before you can fight back against your relentless cravings… 


The 3 Stages of Craving Control 


  1. Accept Your Cravings.


Cravings are normal. 


We all have them and they can be triggered by a number of things that are sometimes entirely out of your control—things like emotions, hunger (duh), and external cues. 


>>> You can go deeper into these reasons in this article, where we talk about the “craving culprits”.


So don’t sweat it if cravings pop up! 


You’re not a failure, they have nothing to do with a lack of willpower, and enjoying a single biscuit doesn’t mean you’re going to go off the rails and binge on snacks until you’re sick to your stomach. 


Instead, practice acknowledging what’s happening in your body and mind, and move to Stage 2… 


  1. Understand Your Cravings.


Now that you’ve let go of self-judgement, realised you have cravings, and accepted them, you can dig deeper to understand where your cravings are coming from. 


Like I said before, cravings are triggered by many reasons… 


And NONE of them are “bad.” 


But you do need to explore the underlying reasons why you’re experiencing cravings so that you can make the appropriate plan of action. 


Which brings us to Stage 3… 


  1. Combat Your Cravings The RIGHT Way.


Okay, you’ve accepted your cravings and understand where they might be coming from… 


Now you can choose the right technique to overcome them once and for all without ignoring your cravings, continuously daydreaming about them, or tapping into your limited energy. 


Now that you’ve arrived at Stage 3, you’re officially ready to combat your cravings and put them to rest once and for all… 


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